Email Tracking Service

End Your Lost-email Anxieties

Wouldn't it be nice to know for sure whether someone ever read a particular email you sent to them, and when they read it?  With EmTrk you will always know, even if your email is not acknowledged.

The EmTrk service notifies you when your email is first viewed and it provides you with concise organized reports showing the time of each viewing, not only by the person to whom you sent the email but even by someone to whom it was later forwarded.  There are also features to help you document where your email is viewed.

EmTrk gives you the comfort of knowing when your email has been received.  EmTrk also provides the necessary feedback to help you recognize when important email might have become lost in a sea of spam.

This service is currently available for personal use at no cost.  EmTrk is safe.  It does not require a plug-in for your email client (e.g., Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express) nor any other program to be added to you computer.  EmTrk works with Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and other webmail services.  It's great for mission-critical communications in business transactions, and EmTrk can also be very helpful in contentious, strained or otherwise difficult circumstances.

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